We fulfil our mission of stewardship, recreation, and education on the refuge through......

Visitor Center

Many Refuge visitors find their way to the Visitor Center – housed in a restored historic 1930s hunting lodge. Here, the Friends operate the Refuge Bookstore and Giftshop.


The Friends organize groups of volunteers to maintain the many trails and attractions at the Refuge.

Project Planning

Since our founding, we have designed, planned, and organized the funding for major projects across the Refuge.


We know we cant get the job done with out our wonderful community. We utilize any and all facets to get our community exited to get involved.


We believe education is extremely important in regards to preservation of East Neck Island. We hold many volunteer events trough out the year, which are both educational, and rewarding.


We actively seek funding to increase our impact on the island. 
We work to increase our budgets further contributing to the preservation of our spectacular preserve.


The Friends of Eastern Neck are made up of a governing board, members, volunteers, and interns.

Meet our Board of Directors...

Simon Kenyon - President

Simon started volunteering in the butterfly garden and the bookstore soon after he moved to Rock Hall in 2014. He joined the Board in 2016.  When he moved to the area he had no idea that this beautiful and peaceful place would become such an important part of his life. He became President in 2020.

Phil Cicconi - Vice President

Phil Cicconi joined the Friends and began volunteering in 1998. Phil was invited to join the board and became the Vice President in 1999. He became President in 2000 and maintained that position until he relinquished it in 2007. Currently, Phil is again Vice President of the Friends organization. Eastern Neck has become part of both his and his wife Jackie’s lives as Jackie volunteers as the refuge bookstore manager.

Leann Miller - Secretary

Leann started volunteering at Eastern Neck soon after she moved to Rock Hall from Pennsylvania in 1997, and joined the Friends soon after it was founded. She is the treasurer and the editor of the Friends newsletter, The Rookery. She has participated in many Refuge projects over the years, from building decks and boardwalks to planting grasses and trees. The Refuge is her refuge – her peaceful, quiet place – from the crazy world outside.

Meg Perry

Meg, an avid birder, moved to Rock Hall in 2001 and has been visiting and enjoying the Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge ever since.  For the past seven years, she has been privileged to be part of a team conducting a weekly winter waterfowl survey at the Refuge.  This experience has helped to hone her waterfowl identification skills and expand her appreciation of this diverse and bountiful refuge.   Meg is pleased to serve on the Friends of Eastern Neck Board.

Ann Bricker

Since coming to Rock Hall in 2003 Anne Bricker has found Eastern Neck to be the place for quiet walks, eagle spotting and kayaking.  Anne has worked at the gift shop since 2012 and been a Friends board member since 2014.  Membership in the Friends of Eastern Neck is an important way to keep this beautiful wildlife refuge open and available for everyone to enjoy.
Lew Halin
Lew moved to Kent County in 1999. One of the first meetings he went to was at Osprey Point Marina and was all about Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge. He immediately signed up as a volunteer in the gift shop. After years of talking up the wonders of Eastern Neck he was asked to join the Board of the Friends. Lew built one of the osprey nests that grace Eastern Neck, modeled on one he built for his home. He and Linda get great pleasure from watching the ospreys come back each year to raise their young.
Cece Trainor
Cece Trainor grew up in Baltimore and her first visits to Rock Hall were on her father’s boat.  About 18 years ago her husband Bill took a job in Chestertown and she started spending weekends in Rock Hall. They both love to sail and keep their sailboat on Swan Creek. They retired in 2017 and Cece began to join local organizations. FoEN was one of these and she volunteers in the bookstore. She joined the FoEN Board early in 2020.

Sue Conaghan - Treasurer

Sue joined the board in 2017

Laurie Resele

Laurie became the Friends of Eastern Neck Volunteer Coordinator in 2019 and served as a non-voting Board Member.  She was elected to the Board in January 2020 and continues to keep track of our cadre of volunteers.


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